The Polar Journey

The Longest Journey is a genuine Polar Expedition of discovery.

Geoff Wilson has long been fascinated with the extremes of human endurance and in this journey he intends to break the record for the ‘longest solo unsupported polar journey’ in human history.

In excess of 5,600 kilometres the journey will be a trek from Novolaskaya Station on the South African side of Antarctica, across a huge expanse of ice and snow to the Pole of Inaccessibility. No Australian has made it to this landmark which is simply commemorated by a bust on Lenin as it is on Russian controlled ice.

The next leg of the journey is towards the South Pole. Geoff will make it to the South Pole for a second time having previously set the record for the fastest coast to coast crossing on the Antarctic continent in 2014. Despite recent attempts by other adventures, Geoff still holds the record of 53 days for a Coast to Coast crossing via the South Pole 3,428 km.

From the South Pole Geoff turns towards the toughest leg of the trip, a climb from 9,000 feet above sea level towards Dome Argus, the coldest point on planet Earth. At 14,000 feet above Sea Level, Dome Argus has very tin air, at such a southern Latitude the apparent altitude will mimic 16,000 feet above sea level and the brutal cold be a telling factor on Geoff’s body.
The climb has never been completed and prevents the single biggest hurdle within the expedition. 
Once Dome Argus is climbed, Geoff turns for home and uses Katabatic cold air running towards the coast to make his way back to Novo Station, safety and home. 

The Wind Map

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