The McGrath Foundation raises money to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses who provide invaluable support and care to women and men experiencing breast cancer. From diagnosis right throughout treatment, McGrath Breast Care Nurses are available to help individuals and their families for free and with no referral.

The McGrath Foundation has supported thousands of breast cancer patients and their families throughout Australia for over 14 years through the work of the McGrath Breast Care Nurses. These nurses provide physical, psychological, and emotional support to individuals throughout their journey

The McGrath Breast Care Nurses bring you and your family peace of mind through expert knowledge, personal care and genuine compassion. They can help you create time in your life not defined by breast cancer. It’s possible to provide this kind of care at no cost to patients thanks to the generosity of donors and fundraisers within the community.

“Together, we can make a difference.”

The McGrath Foundation’s Story

We raise money to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia. We currently have 135 McGrath Breast Care Nurses, who help individuals and their families experiencing breast cancer by providing physical, psychological and emotional support, for free.

From the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment, our highly-qualified nurses are there to help. While more than 75,000 families have been supported since 2005, more nurses are needed to meet the growing rate of breast cancer diagnosis in Australia. We are proud to have nurses right across Australia including many regional and rural centres, where breast cancer treatment and support may be harder to reach.

The McGrath Foundation has become one Australia’s most recognised and respected charities since Jane and Glenn McGrath’s very public experience with breast cancer. When Jane was diagnosed with cancer for a second time, she had the support of a breast care nurse, who both empowered and comforted her, and her family. This experience set the mission for the Foundation, which has become an enduring commitment: to ensure every family experiencing breast cancer has the support of a  Breast Care Nurse, no matter where they live – for free. We rely on the heartfelt support we receive from individuals, communities, corporate partners and government to continue providing and growing our nurse support across the country and increase breast health understanding.

Together, we can make a difference.

How they help

Qualified McGrath Breast Care Nurses are an important part of the complex medical team managing the care of people with breast cancer. They are specially trained and experienced in supporting both early and metastatic breast cancer from diagnosis, right throughout treatment.

How the McGrath Foundation do what they do

Why they help

The support of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse can substantially improve the quality of care someone receives in many ways. From fewer specialist appointments, and less time at each appointment, improved understanding and clarity, to more confidence and reduced anxiety.

Why the McGrath Foundation do what they do

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